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Evicthem was one of the first names to appear in the market to help landlords to get their property back without the high cost of using a solicitor. Our  success in evictions has grown from strength to strength, and we believe our knowledge is second to non.

We advocate the use of section 21 over section 8 as a first choice, because when the paperwork is done right, the possession order is guaranteed. There may be times when we have to use the section 8 and our success on that is just as good, but when you search the internet looking for help with your eviction, how many sell the section 8 as a first option knowing that any old defense at the hearing will automatically adjourn it?

Our aim is to get your property back first time with as little or no argument as possible and as quickly as the system allows.


This is a rule based procedure and really all we are doing  is understanding, knowing and applying the rules for you. The rules have become so draconian who can now expect the landlord to know everything, Let us take the pressure away from you.

Let us be your rock
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