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 We are experts in Accelerated Possession Proceedings

After the section 21 notice has expired we can help you with the accelerated possession paperwork.


Accelerated possession means straight to a judge without a hearing. Its all about the paperwork, because when the judge opens your file, it needs to be in order and complete to enable the judge to grant the order. Otherwise there could be a hearing or worse it could be thrown out. Our aim is to obtain a 14 day possession order without a hearing and we consistently achieve this by using an overriding statement.

Overriding Statement


To avoid any potential hearing we write an overriding statement which covers matters which might attract a hearing for example about the deposit and why the notice is valid. No case fits into a tight text book one and giving 'the story' up front can save you many weeks of delay.

We deal with possession orders on a daily basis and know what is and isn’t acceptable to the court. It makes good economic sense to engage an expert to get the process right first time. We will talk you through the process in plain English and is there to ease the pressure through what can be a stressful time.


Just pick up the phone and let’s talk. Even if you think that you may have an issue which is unsolvable, there isn't a situation which we do not have a solution to or likely a matter which we have not already had dealings with over the eleven years helping landlords obtain possession orders.

Whether it's about not protecting a deposit, complying with the deregulation act or licencing we are here to help you get the possession order you need for whatever reason.

Let us prepare your court papers.

We can start your process from scratch or carry on from where you where you are now. The court papers have become more complicated since the deregulation act changes and the new form N5b. We believe our fees are very reasonable and the £475.00 includes the completion of the warrant for land form. We are with you until you get your house back.

We will require the first and last agreement and a copy of the notice, and a lot more information but first let's talk.

Call now on 07966461206
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