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Privacy Policy

You as a client give us your personal information, name, address, telephone number and email which we use only for the purposes of creating your notices and your court papers and maintaining contact with you for the same. We do not sell give swap or have any other interest in your information except for the the business which you expect us to carry out.

If you pay us through our worldpay account by debit or credit card over the phone, we do not retain any of the digits in any form either on paper or digitally or any other way you might think of for example we do not recored our telephone conversations for training and security purposes because we feel that we are fully trained and very competent already. The credit or debit card and security numbers that you have given to us for the purpose of the transaction, have melted into the ether as soon as we press go. This is for your privacy and security. It also eases our status as secure.

The writer of this doesn't have a clue what a cookie is (thought is was an american expression for biscuit) or what it does but I am lead to believe that my web site provider issues them when you visit this site and that we are to say that this is the case. If you too haven't a clue what a cookie is then you are my friend. Really, like us, you should delete your cashe and cookies periodically in order to speed up and unclog your browser. If your browser has become a bit slow learn how to do this.

Search how do I delete my cookies.

We are only interested in obtaining a possession order for you as smoothly and as quickly as possible and if you are reading this, please visit the other pages where you will find the actual information you will need to help you on your way.

Finally, if after you have your property back you would like us to delete your information from our database, we will do it forthwith if asked. But if you would maybe like to use our services again, it would help if we could find you easily and build up a good future business relationship which is the purpose of keeping you as data on file. You will never be spammed by us in fact we don't even send you a Christmas card.

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