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Tenants Deposits

When a landlords takes a deposit from a tenant, the deposit must be protected in a tenancy deposit scheme, and Deposit Prescribed Information must be given within thirty days (Separate to tenants prescribed information). This enables you to serve a valid section 21 notice if required but in any case keeps you within the rules and prevents a claim of up to three times the deposit for not dong so. 

If you did not protect the deposit within 30 days of receipt!

The Localism Act contains the answers.

We are here to help you serve an enforceable notice even if you did not protect the deposit within thirty days.

Because it's all about the rules, applying them and showing in an overriding statement with the court papers that you have complied with them.


Let us help you get the notice right and prepare your court papers for the inevitable out come, a possession order. 

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