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The section 21 Notice

The Section 21 is the landlords first and best tool to get your property back because you do not require a reason to serve one. By now while stocks last as the government plans to betray you and create a sitting tenant for you

The rules have become more complex but that is why we are here for you. As a leading established eviction firm we can guarantee that you will get your property back. 

Section 21 or section 8 notice, which one should I use?

We believe that the section 21 route should be the first choice including for rent arrears

Why? Because get the paperwork right, and there is no real defense

And a possession order arrives in the post in most cases.

The section 8 rent arrears route will cost more time and money if defended.  Sure, most go through without a hitch, but who can say which ones will be trouble free.

Section 21


Let us serve a section 21 notice for you. We will 'fix' any danger areas now lurking  under the Deregulation Act, the Tenancy Deposit Rules, the Localism Act and the new special licencing now appearing in many authorities making your notice totally enforceable

Section 8


In arrears it does not mean that you must use the section 8 route. If you did not comply with the deposit rules, they have an automatic  up to three times deposit defense. Why would you take that to court? Unless you thought luck should be part of the process! Lets not take the chance. Sometimes there is no choice and we can assist you down the section 8 route



The result through using section 21 is a possession order through the post with no hearing in most cases.

With section 8 there is always a hearing and the tenant can make up very little in order to adjourn and frustrate you process. They can also get legal aid and they have an automatic right to a duty solicitor at the hearing. 

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