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Fixed Fees Please add Vat

Why Choose Us

  • Preparation and service of a Section 21 notice is £95.00 including the service of any prescribed information not yet done by the landlord. If you can show that these documents are served already, then the section 21 will be discounted to £65.00. 

  • We prepare and serve the section 8 notice for £75.00 with a discount if done with the section 21

  • We prepare the court papers all routes £475.00 all in. If you want someone to 'Act' for you please use a solicitor. Use us if you would like to have control of your process and use a friendly service with 18 years of combined experience and a one hundred per cent success rate and who is contactable when ever you need to. 

  • Court fees £355.00

  • Court fee bailiff is £130.00 
    We make no further charge. Our fee of £475.00 covers you for the court papers and completing the warrant for land form.You send us the order, we return the completed form to you. 

We give an informative, friendly and highly knowledgeable service.

We are with you and assist you in the administration of your process until  the tenant has vacated the property.

Our fees are very fair and reasonable and the fee for the court papers includes preparing the warrant for land.

The aim is to get a possession order without  a hearing. This is helped by an overriding statement for situations that require a technical point highlighted to allow the court to consider the claim just within the paperwork with no further questions. It can be the lack of this that creates the hearing.

In the unlikely event that there is a hearing, our expertise in providing the correct arguments in a statement will come in to play and if required  we have  a panel of solicitors covering every court in England.

Please take the time to search evicthem trust pilot and see what your fellow landlords are saying about us.

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