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The limit to which any loss or damage will be made recoverable by you from  evicthem will be limited so as to be in proportion to our contribution to the overall effect for such loss or damage, taking into account the clients contributory negligence, your other advisers and/or any other third party or a court responsible to your claim and/or liable or not liable in respect of such loss.

If the engagement of our services has ended prior to obtaining a result and you choose to find an alternative practitioner, all responsibly and any claim thereafter is limited to the period on which evicthem was engaged and not any future event for which we have no control.

If the client acts in an un-business like manner and refuses the professional assistance to remedy any claim made by continuing the instruction, this is a personal choice of the client and any costs which occur as a result will not be recoverable if the same actions could have been completed by evicthem at no further cost.

In the event that you would like to create the court papers your self, the service of the notice and the evidence supplied comes under the fee of supplying the court papers. If you would like a completed N215 and postal service evidence for the notice served or for example Prescribed information served, this attracts a fee of £75.00 for each completed N215 and postal evidence.

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