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Evicthem are tenant eviction experts where service, knowledge and pricing is as you would choose and thousands have.

Come and join them

Call Andrew or Clare now for s21 and s8 notices, Accelerated Possession and section 8 court papers.
Andrew T: 0161 870 6617  M: 07966 461206                  Clare T 07498531218
About Us

As a Letting Agent or Landlord you know you should make your section 21 notice bullet proof. (Form 6a)

This is the aim of this web site and how we can help you. Then we offer you a service in the accelerated possession procedure at a very competitive price in England.

As a specialised consultancy, it is unlikely that a high street solicitor will have performed a fraction of the tenant evictions that we have, with the diverse situations in the thousands of evictions that we have successfully handled.  


For us, obtaining a possession order is routine and we will say from the paperwork that your procedure will or will not obtain a possession order.


We can fix any situation and make it work for you.


The rules have become an inhibiting factor for any one venturing toward enforcing a section 21 notice. The Localism Act, The Deregulation Act, the tenancy deposit rules, all contribute to the ease with which the court can dismiss a case. Not to mention the special licence rules now appearing in different locations mostly the London Boroughs and now in Liverpool.

Yet key is the fact that this is a rule based process, and in knowing, understanding and implementing the rules is exactly the knowledge and skill required to achieve a one hundred per cent possession order success rate. Use us for that benefit for your landlord if you are an agent or if you are a Landlord.

For a free talk call Andrew or Clare now.

  • Serving section 21 and section 8 notices In England only.

  • Accelerated possession court papers and the standard route if no written tenancy.

  • Reducing the risk of a hearing  by creating an overriding statement that will diffuse issues.

  • There's a saying. If  you pay too little you may end up paying twice.

  • We believe in fair pricing


Andrew, Just a few words of thanks to say how wonderful your help and support has been concerning the problem with our tenants. Your expert Guidance and precise  completion of the court papers was superb.

Trevor Staples Lincs

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